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Bo Eriksson Örnsköldsvik, Sweden  +46 660 74 201,



Per Hellgren Örnsköldsvik, Sweden +46 70 5373 787




  1. Hello Bo,
    You probably don’t remember me – one of the many people who you spoke with after your wonderful presentation about finding Ester at the FKY Wintertreffen, and met at Wilfried Beeck’s reception afterwards. Anyway I would again like to compliment you on a fantastic presentation, and a remarkable and fascinating project altogether!
    I sail the 30m2 Skerry Cruiser Lillie III (S-148, Harry Becker, 1932) which used to be based in Luleå – maybe you know her? I bought her in 2001 from her last owner Olle Strid, now living in Skellefteå, with whom I still have much contact. This summer I will be sailing (on another boat) in the 30m2 Europa Cup in Uppsala and together with my wife will take the opportunity to visit Olle. Since I will be so close, I was wondering if it would be possible to visit you and see Ester first hand? The date would likely be on the last weekend of July as the racing starts the week after.
    Would that suit you? It would be much appreciated if we could meet again!
    Best regards,
    Craig Dalgarno


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